Jes is an illustration and multimedia artist from the Adirondack region of New York. She graduated from the SUNY Adirondack in 2016 with an AAS in Graphic Arts. Shortly thereafter, Jes began building an experimental body of work which consisted of illustration, printmaking and typography including basic font-making.

This work has evolved into her present art practice which includes primarily illustration and painting, as well as world-building and character-building, experimental three-dimensional work, and delves into different methods of printmaking. She self-released an art zine titled “Cumulus” in 2020 which consists of a sequence of digital illustrations featuring her first original character, the Pink Creature. Jes enjoys trying her hand at any variety of medium, however her favorites thus far are digital, ink, acrylic gouache, and watercolor. She is currently learning screen printing as well.

Creating in any capacity has been an intuitive drive for all of Jes’s life. Having bore witness to a commercially-driven technological boom throughout her younger, formative years at the turn of millennium, her art-making has always naturally involved an analog-digital overlap. Influences on Jes’s work, process, and approach are incredibly varied. Consumption of art and other media, especially music and motion pictures, have contributed immensely to her artistic practice, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Currently, Jes is a student at Empire State College studying Environmental Science and Ecology. She sees her pursuit of science not as a divergence from her career in art, but as an investment in self-enrichment which benefits every aspect of her life in some way, including her artwork.